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Personalised Local Experiences in Thailand Introducing ‘Feelvo.Com’, a new way to experience travelling and exploring Thailand. Feelvo allows locals and business in each key region to list experiences for others to try for a fee. Feelvo links experiences with travellers and adds a brand new dimension to your stay in Thailand, whether its something active, creative, relaxing or just plain different – Feelvo has the experience ready to discover. Feelvo Needs YOUR experiences listed FOR FREE Feelvo is now looking for new experiences to be added, and this is your chance to earn some money quickly and easily – doing and sharing what you like. You set your price and

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Put Your Brand on the New Thailand Vlog Sensation Vlogging is the new Blogging and it will be big business over the coming years, and Inspire is at the forefront of this development here in Thailand. Inspire are working with Konstantin Nehal, a local ‘You Tuber’ as they are known and he vlogs. He Vlogs twice a week on his travels through Pattaya and the wider area of Thailand. A vlog is a video account as opposed to a written more traditional blog. He makes 8 videos each month of typically 5 minutes in length – which are promoted on both Inspire and his own You Tube channel. Its early

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