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Grow your Facebook Likes Quickly, Cheapily and Targeted!
07th December 2017 Posted by Dan No comments
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Get your Thai-based Facebook Page into Rapid Growth

Most of us use Facebook to a level close to ‘addiction’ and certainly on a daily basis. This gives a super opportunity for business in Thailand to target and connect on a daily basis too.

Choice Group Asia Media Group – the team behind Inspire and Thaivisa – manage multiple Facebook pages in Thailand targeting foreigners. We know how to grow LIKES, we know how to get ENGAGEMENT and that means MORE CUSTOMERS for your business.

A recent post on Inspire Pattaya – with a fan based on just over 12k – went on to exceed 1.4m reach and over 6,000 shares. All this without a single FacebookAd of Boost. It cost us zero to implement. You don’t get these viral posts everyday and in fact you don’t want as they serve the role of awareness and growing your pages likes…what you then need to do is mix it with business related posts that then drive your business.


We Can Help Your Business!

If you have a Facebook page in Thailand and want to target mainly foreigners, from tourist to expat, then we can help you get the results you want.

Our monthly management packages of your page start from 8,000 baht per month. We can also review the overall aesthetics of your Facebook Page and recommend changes – and even make these changes for a fee. Take a look at another page we manage ‘Inspire Kent’ or ‘Siam Royal View’ for examples, look at the pinned video post at the top for example.

EMAIL NOW FOR DETAILS ON HOW WE CAN HELP Please also include your Facebook page name so we can take a look too.

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