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You really must take the time to check out the great range of products offered by EcoBrand here in Pattaya that not only are energy saving (much of which driven by Solar energy) but great value. There will be something you want to buy that’s for sure.

They are located on Thepprassit Road between the Outlet Mall and Thepprassit Market, so there is plenty of parking, or you can order via their website or direct by telephone.

Website: EcoBrand.Com
Tel: +66 (0) 38 415 430

Product Range:

Universal Extension Socket 599 baht

Which includes all countries sockets in addition to USB ports.

Wall Sockets from 1 socket to 3 or 2 sockets to 6 from 99 baht

Very practical, quick and safer than usual extension units you can purchase in Thailand.

Grass Head for Kids only 59 baht

Great value and super fun, take a look at the video and see for yourself.

Energy Saving Plug-in from 950 baht

Save between 10 – 15% on your monthly electricity bills in Thailand by simply plugging these units into one of your sockets in your home. This is a top selling product.

Small (for households with electricity bill up to 2,000 baht a month) 950 baht
Large (for households with electricity bills up to 15,000 baht a month) 1,950 baht


Emergency Lights (if power fails in your home or business) from 499 baht

It is quite common for blackouts and power failures in Thailand so these useful units could be just what you need. The unit to the bottom left is only 499 baht. Bargain.




Solar Powered Mobile (includes iPhone and Galaxy) & Tablet Charger from 499 baht

A wonderful and very useful gift for someone or use for yourself, no need to ever run out of power again if you are away from power sockets. The wallet style in this photo is 499 baht while larger units are available for 1,900 baht.




USB and Mains Operated Desk Fan 239 baht

Ideal for plugging into your PC while you work or using as a desk fan. Great Value.

Solar Powered Personal Infra Red Security Light 1,900 baht

Ideal deterrent to any would be intruders, this light is motion sensitive and switches on when people approach. No wires makes for easy installation too. Other stores in Pattaya charge over 3,500 baht for similar units

Variety Screws Box 129 baht

Quite simply this is just a handy box to have in the house, it contains 600 pieces from picture hooks, wires, raw plugs to screws.

Ceiling Inset Lights from 169 baht

Unscrew your conventional light bulb and replace with these units on flexible cable so you can direct the light to, maybe, a picture feature. So simple and yet so effective.

Smart LED Light Sensor 199 baht

Just plug into the mains and that’s it. When it gets dark the light automatically comes on, so ideal for a childrens room or stair case.

Solar Powered Mosquito Light 399 baht

Ingenious and as there are no wires its portable too, it can be hung, put on a table or on the ground.

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