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Is now the epitome and pure essence of good business practice and is the ideology to others of how a successful business should be operated. The highlights of his fantastic success are clear to everyone who has the ability to recognize and appreciate just how a business becomes, and remains so successful for as long as Paul King’s Easy Visas has.

25 Years in operation with the same famous name brand, a name brand that over 50 other companies have chosen to use, Easy visa this …and Easy visa that, all unrelated to Paul King’s Easy visa but most definitely want to be associated with his famous name and likened to his company. It occurs to me that these companies who are riding on the shoulders of Paul’s success are pretty damn clueless, and they must pray that the public don’t recognize their palpable failures.

It stands out that these companies have little faith in their own ability to come up with something original, something worthy of an A1 quality company, which very obviously they’re not. In a nutshell, they absolutely trust Paul King and his ability and skills, but guess what ? they don’t trust themselves, they don’t trust their own ability or their own skills. How bad can that sound just reading it back.

Frankly if I owned a company and the only way I could find success was to squat on someone else’s great name I would find it a huge embarrassment and consider myself a failure.

- 25 years in business, same name, the same offices, ever increasing success.

- On the TV 20 times per day offering free advice.

- Unmatched business and people management skills.

- Office open to the public 6 days a week 9-00 —1700hrs

- 1000s of visas secured and 1000s of delighted customers.

- A builder of families across all continents.

- The facts remain. Paul King is a person of great ethics, and very high moral standards. Truly conscientious of other people’s feelings, and a solid citizen of unblemished character. He has always, and still does to this day run his life on true code moral principles and there is no place in his life for liars, thieves or dishonestly at any level, he simply would not stand for it.

- For 25 years he has kept the same business principles and is a true extension of the way that embassies operate. I once asked him, ‘how do you stay in business for so long…over 25 years with your same famous company and same famous name’ He answered, honesty, ethics and integrity. Without these three vital ingredients in business, you simply have no business! In a town with a reputation as Pattaya has, how would he dare to operate the same business…same name…same office style for all of these years if he chose to operate dishonestly. The answer is he would not. This is why I do not believe any disparaging comments directed towards Paul King.

Once you speak to Paul King you will immediately find him totally well read. His knowledge on immigration and immigration law is second to none. His ethics are beyond reproach and that is why he is still doing what he does after 25++ years of sterling service.

- Go to meet him. Go to meet the real Paul King and make your own mind up.

- My name is Alexander McKenzie -Smith, I have know Paul for many years and I asked him if I may write a comment on his website, He agreed.

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We opened our first law and immigration center in Bangkok in 1993. We have built up a reputation second to none for succeeding where others have previously failed.

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