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'The Normal Life is Wonderful (But Reject it Anyway)' - Thailand Based eBook

Is it time to change your life?

Written by Inspires very own Dan Cheeseman.

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What is it about?

The premise of the book could initially surprise many with some of its suggestions, but it is a shock many of us need in the realization that we should take more ownership of our lives and do something more radical about it. The book discusses how to break free of both societies and our own self imposed constraints in order to live a more empowered life. By moving to Thailand and quitting a well paid job in London, Dan provides a real testimonial for making such a life changing decision. But would he live to regret this?

Dan writes about his experience of losing both parents very early in life and how that brought home the reality of death to him. It comes to everyone and therefore this certainty should be the catalyst to do more with your own very precious time before it is too late.

In addition to discussing the importance of human relationships and the associated experiences we get from this, Dan goes at length to explain why we should reject aspects of our lives, even if we are enjoying them, to keep control and decision making in our own hands rather than societies and governments. This all makes for a very compelling and controversial read.

It’s a book written with passion and from the heart and will appeal to anyone with an interest in Thailand and predominately Pattaya. It’s fun, packed full of amusing stories of his time in Thailand yet throughout the book Dan continues to deliver a very serious and life changing message.

About the Author

From an early age Dan was never comfortable with living a predictable, middle class existence in the UK, it always seemed a waste of the one life we are all given.

Dan graduated through a pioneering initiative with Coca-Cola Enterprises, where he then went on to spend ten years working across various sales, marketing and management positions within the company. At 29 years old Dan took up a senior management role with the Post Office Limited tasked with helping move the business from a government to commercial entity. After introducing many innovative marketing concepts and scientific business models to target the sales force; he became a man very much in demand. With seemingly the world at his feet Dan threw it all away in search of something else. This is his story.

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