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Pupa Talo Restaurant welcomes you with a warm ambience, impressive service and the food we put into every dish with fresh delicious recipes of the restaurant.

If you are looking for a place where you can come and feel right at home. Casual atmosphere surrounded by trees and running water. There was soft music make you feel relax. Everything is already here …

Pupa Talo Restaurant is a new restaurant just outside the city.

With many items of Thai food, desert are like no other from “Sib cafe & bistro” with live music every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

*** Fresh, delicious food, impressive service, affordable is our job.

Sib café and bistro is a chillax place in pattaya city that presents Thai and Australian fusion dishes. Once inside the café is a perfect combination of wood and cement along with a very friendly service that you could feel our warm welcoming atmosphere. We have also have outdoor space that welcomes those in search of escaping hecticness. Sib also features function spaces for private dinner and exclusive parties. Our dishes are created for Thai and foreigners that want to experience our fusion food as our finest all-day breakfast, salmon saab which is a combination of smoked salmon and thai-style spicy sauce, pink burger made with natural pink color, Thai iconic dish phad-kee-mao mixed with squid-ink pasta, a very tender BBQ spare ribs with Sib’s signature sauce. Also, varieties of our artisanal desserts and drinks that would seduce you on Sib’s cuisine.

Opening time: 11:30 to 22:00

Contact Details
Address: Soi Khao Talo
Tel: 083 911 7700

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