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Depravity – Chapter 2

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Cycling Tour of Northern Thailand – A Final Look Back by the Numbers

The Real Reasons Expats Decided Thailand (And What They Think Now)

In many instances there is a stigma regarding becoming an expat in Thailand, stereotypical images of old men with vests, slugging away on a can of Singha beer and ogling the young Thai women spring to mind. In my mind this is hugely misleading and in the majority of cases not true. You certainly have your areas in Thailand more befitting of such views, like Pattaya, but it’s far more marginal now than its ever been in these locations. Trust me as I live in Pattaya with my family. But it did get me thinking. What was the primary reason for people deciding to come and live in Thailand in

Chinese Lantern Festival in Thailand

Khao Takiab beach in Hua Hin – hidden gem

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Depravity – Chapter 1

Things we take for granted in Thailand versus UK (one of which is the bum gun!)

Northern Thailand Cycling Tour – Summit Day!

Chinese New Year in Thailand

Anyone considering leaving living Thailand?!

The week that was in Thailand news: “You get nothing for two in a bed”

I was on my way home after a Saturday night out with friends. It was 2.30am and I was stopped at the lights at a relatively lonely intersection in Sathupradit, downtown Bangkok. Next to me and also on a motorbike was a “win” – a motorcycle taxi guy.   I nodded in appreciation of a fellow bikie and looked up to see the light had changed to green. I looked right to see a black pick-up whizzing though the crossroads before it creamed the “win” rider and carried him 30 meters down the road before fleeing into the night.   I put my bike on its stand and ran off to see if there

The Ancient Nop Phra Len Phleng Fair

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