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Bike Tour of Northern Thailand – Chiang Mai to Phrao

Every Picture Tells a Story: Is there any Thailand left?

Concrete never sleeps in Thailand.  Leave a city for a while and when you return things will be different.  In some cases, very different.  Nowhere is that more apparent than the seaside resort town of Pattaya. After a half year stint in Bangkok, I returned to Fun City and promptly got lost.  Where the hell did those big dolphin sculptures bursting out of the middle of Sukhumvit come from?  And, “my God” … they actually finished that underpass … and I was driving through it!  It was clear to me that whomever is in charge of this Pattaya reformation understands the power of first impression.  Coming off the Motorway into

Giving gold to your Thai girl

Royal Cliff Scares Up Massive Number of Guests for 5th Unforgettable Vampires @ the Cliff Halloween Family Fun!
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Pattaya, Thailand – Royal Cliff Hotels Group once again delighted both young and old alike with its spooktacular family-friendly vampire-themed Halloween party that was recently held at its newly refurbished Panorama Seaview at the Royal Cliff Beach Hotel.   Parents and their little ones in amazing Halloween costumes enjoyed the festive feel of vampire-themed Halloween décor while dining on delicious Halloween-inspired dishes such as the fun Worms Monster, Scary Pumpkin, Mummy Dogs, Witch Fingers as well as an array of creative Vampire mocktails and cocktails!   Families enjoyed a variety of entertaining activities such as dance entertainment from Let’s Dance Studio – Pattaya, fun face-painting, taking photos with fun Halloween

Annual Bangsaen Speed Festival in Thailand

The week that was in Thailand news: The convenience of blaming karma.

Like any news organization Thaivisa regularly gives us stories where Thailand is named in lists as the most this or the least of that. This is especially true in the modern era of internet sound bites and Twitter character limitations where many people want an easy reference without having to employ too much grey matter.   And, after all, isn’t most of the pleasure these days not in the news itself but in the relative absurdity of the comments and reaction to it! Sometimes I wonder why I bother to translate the news in any depth at all – many seem to just read the headline.   But two stories

Bike Tour of Northern Thailand – Preface

Hated by many, but is Pattaya the best city in the world?!

Midweek Rant: Overfeeding kids is child abuse. Period.

Today Thailand is faced with an almost out of control obesity epidemic.   Thai women were named the second fattest in Asia yesterday and evidence of a population eating themselves to death is everywhere.   On any given day hospitals are overflowing with people suffering from the inevitable result of bad eating habits – diabetes.   In the last 20 years in particular many have abandoned good diets of rice and vegetable for fast food and 7/11 ready meals laced with fat and gunk.   More disposable income means increasingly people are piling on the calories. Calories that don’t get burnt up because people are on Facebook all day long

FREE Meal for 4 at Thai Garden Resort

The Thai Wai Greeting

Every Picture Tells a Story: Can you smell that?

Welcome to Every Picture Tells a Story (EPTAS), a weekly blog featuring unique aspects of life in Thailand. Got a story?  Send us a picture. Can you smell that? Over the years, the fragrance industry has always found new gimmicks that entice us to spray and splash their aromatic elixirs on our bodies.  I remember the gift sets my mom used to give me and my brothers for Christmas complete with cologne, aftershave, body lotion, hair gel and my favorite … soap-on-a-rope. Back when I was a young lad, the perfume peddler’s main obstacle was overcoming the notion that wearing a fragrance was somehow unmanly.  Shrewdly they branded their smelly

Your Very Own Retro Arcade Machine

Do Expats of Thailand get an undeserved stigma?


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