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Marrying a “rich” westerner may not be a “dream come true” – says BBC.

The BBC Thai service has produced a wide ranging documentary feature and video that looks into the increasingly prevalent trend for westerners to marry Thai women. In one small town in Isaan – Thailand’s north east – they found nearly 100 families in the same boat: coming to terms with what it means having a son-in-law from the west. And they found it was not just the financial advantages for families that this often brings – but could cause cultural difficulties and misunderstandings. The BBC spoke to a Khon Kaen university professor who is trying to educate rural north easterners in what to expect when their daughter “marries a farang”.

Midweek Rant: Tax hikes on booze and fags – the mother of all cock-ups makes Thailand a laughing stock.
2017-09-19 08.33.08

The raising of the tax rates on cigarettes and alcohol was the mother of all cock-ups from start to finish. Since the first story broke months ago that the rates were to rise confusion has reigned. How on earth could the public be expected to know what was going to happen if the news media had no idea what it all meant? And how was the news media supposed to know when the very people who were issuing the edicts didn’t seem to have a clue either. Right up until the end the government spokesman was remaining tight lipped. Not because of some protocol – because he had no idea

Why in Pattaya do we expect Business Class service for Economy Class prices?

I have lived in Pattaya for over 10 years now and this very unique location has had this canny ability to change not just mine but fellow expats expectations for services offered here, most notably when it comes to food and drink prices. When we have people moaning about breakfast if it cost over 150 baht and pints of beer when it costs more than 100 baht, something’s not right, Is it? Few starting points to kick start this off. A 5 star buffet at the Hilton – with every dish from seafood, rump steak to cheeseboards will cost you under 1k baht (30 US dollars), a can of coke

Why Thais don’t need to find their inner child.

Arriving in Thailand it very quickly dawned on me that Thais are like children. Though they appear to grow old like the rest of us they never quite manage to grow up. But the realization also came to me before I was wet behind the ears from my first monsoon that the fact that they remain in a permanent state of infancy is one of the factors that makes them so pleasant to be around. The humor seemed puerile. The cajolery of the streets, especially in the mild farang baiting that most white honkies are subject to, barely seemed out of slapstick dungarees. The knowledge of the world – and

Pattaya expat snaps ghost of sister following vision from spiritualist By Dan Cheeseman

Thailand is a country that believes in the afterlife and it appears one local Pattaya Expat at least now also believes too after accidentally snapping what he believes is his dead sister. Of course many of you reading may think the photo here is fake, so make your own mind up, reports the Thaivisa News Team. Tom is a Danish Expat that has lived in the Naklua region for about a decade, he has a tick from an accident which has left him living on disability allowance. Here is his story: “When I was 21 I went to see a lady to see if she could heal my ticks. She

Annual Fire Drill and Fire Evacuation Practice Training 2017 at Amari Pattaya
Fire Drill_1

Amari Pattaya, led by Robert Rijnders, Senior Vice President and Area General Manager for Pattaya, ONYX Hospitality Group (centre), with hotel team members, recently participated in the first “Annual Fire Drill and Fire Evacuation Practice Training 2017″ to ensure that the safety of the guests and team members are the first priority. We were trained by firefighting team from Pattaya Disaster Prevention & Mitigation Center, which gave us the chance to practice the instructions that had been imparted during the fire drill. About Amari Amari is the centrepiece of the ONYX portfolio of hospitality brands, reflecting the warmth and energy of an evolving modern Asia. Amari’s network of properties spans Thailand and beyond, from

The King of Kings: Thailand Prepares for the Cremation of Late King Bhumibol Adulyadej in October by Andrew J Wood

BANGKOK: HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej, was the longest serving monarch of Thailand, who selflessly served his people for 70 years. His passing in 2016, has united the country in grief. He was for many of us living in Thailand, the only King we had ever known. Fondly called ‘Father’ he was the spiritual and physical head of a family of 71 million people. Many thought of him as a living god. The Kingdom will begin the five-day royal cremation ceremony next month. The country’s military government has budgeted THB 3 billion (US $91 million) for the funeral. Huge crowds are expected near a vast crematorium being constructed at Sanam Luang,

5,000 Racers Conquer Thailand’s First Ever Spartan Race
บรรยากาศการแข่งขัน 4

5,000 Racers Conquer Thailand’s First Ever Spartan Race More races to be added next year to meet strong demand   Over 5,000 racers experienced the world’s best obstacle race as they took part in the inaugural Spartan Race Thailand today at Siam Country Club, Chon Buri. The world’s fastest growing sport that has seen over 240 races in more than 30 countries kicked off with two race formats in Thailand – the Spartan Sprint and the Spartan Kids race. The Spartan Sprint race featured a distance of 6.8km which revealed 23 signature Spartan obstacles such as the Hercules Hoist, Dunk Wall, Barbed Wire Crawl, Monkey Bar and Fire Jump. Mr.

Behind the Thai Smile – What are they really thinking?

Something smells fishy in Siam!

No one in their right mind would take Thailand at face value. The Thais certainly don’t. Anyone who believes the “mai pen rai”, grengjai , lovey-dovey land of smiles” rhetoric need only be in the kingdom a few days to realize that rose tinted specs require rebar reinforcement in Rattanakosin. Thais, in my experience, are almost honor bound to expound the virtues of their race and culture especially to outsiders. They don’t really believe this unless they are simple – and I have never thought the people in Thailand are simple. Many thousands of defeats to Thais at English language Scrabble have seen to that. Many foreigners haven’t grasped that the Thais are constantly analyzing themselves. And plenty

Midweek rant: Thailand – what is there to rant about?

    I had just got back from my summer holiday in the UK. Mindful that I hadn’t ranted about anything in Thailand for a couple of weeks and feeling, albeit at a distance, that my news editor was breathing down my neck for a story moaning about something in Thailand…….I wondered what to do. Lacking inspiration at my keyboard, I decided to go out for a walk with my one year old daughter. It was hot and I was in a bit of a gruff mood. Surely it would be easy to find something to rant about on the way. I’d probably have a dozen things to get off


Thaivisa continues to develop its role on being all things to all people interested in Thailand with the launch of its new Thailand holiday villa rental service Thailand’s beauty and diversity continues to attract record numbers of tourists each year and finding the right accommodation really helps gives the very best experience when discovering this country. “Thaivisa is determined to offer a first rate, all round service for foreigners with an interest in Thailand and be a one stop destination for all things Thailand specific – from immigration and visa information, to Thai news, comparison car insurance sites for expats, to hotel and now villa booking services.” quotes Managing

Inspire Radio 1 105.75FM – Bangkok’s only English FM Station Launches!

Inspire Radio 1 105.75FM – Bangkok’s only English FM Station Launches! Bangkok now has its only English spoken FM radio channel courtesy of Inspire Radio 1 FM. The station is currently available on 105.75FM with another FM channel being introduced later in the year to ensure wider reach in the Thailand capital. Inspire Radio 1 FM is a joint venture between Charoen Cable and Choice Group Asia Media Group, whose other brands include and Thailand Channel TV. In addition to being available on Bangkok FM you can tune in via, or via the tune in App. The station will offer Thaivisa News on the hour, event updates

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