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Thaivisa continues to develop its role on being all things to all people interested in Thailand with the launch of its new Thailand holiday villa rental service Thailand’s beauty and diversity continues to attract record numbers of tourists each year and finding the right accommodation really helps gives the very best experience when discovering this country. “Thaivisa is determined to offer a first rate, all round service for foreigners with an interest in Thailand and be a one stop destination for all things Thailand specific – from immigration and visa information, to Thai news, comparison car insurance sites for expats, to hotel and now villa booking services.” quotes Managing

Midweek rant: The power of money – but what about the public interest?

Too often in Thailand the soothing power of money replaces justice. What should be something in addition to criminal prosecution is frequently used as a convenient and easy way out. Especially for the rich and famous. But also for any Tom, Dick or Harry who has a reasonably full wallet. It begs the question – as more and more cases are settled by the passing over of cash is the public interest being served? Is it my foot! This week we were reminded of the case two years back when Thai/British actress Anna Reese simply bought her way out of trouble. It was all done in full view of the

Did you ever meet a Rock Star?

I’ve met some celebrities in my day.  Since I’m from a place that has some pretty big movie and TV production facilities, I’ve had the chance to rub shoulders with some movies stars like Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, etc.  And because my hometown has a professional sports team, I have run into some pretty well known athletes like Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal.  But, not until I moved to Thailand did I ever meet a bona-fide, swear-to-God, no bullshit Rock Star.  And then I met a bunch of them. A few years ago, I was hiding from the afternoon heat in Pattaya’s oldest and most famous rock-n-roll bar.  One of

Why Thais couldn’t possibly lose Face!

Rooster grew up in a school where us naughty boys used to have fun hurling insults at the “abnormal geeks” going home after attending the school’s fledgling Computer Club. How dare they be so square, we thought. Of course, many club members went on to untold riches in IT while the rest of us who pooh-poohed the idea of computers remain abjectly poor to this day, still trying to understand the vagaries of the modern era we so foolishly ignored. I was similarly quite late in getting a Facebook account – around 2010 – and then after a scant perusal of its usages promptly ignored it for about five more

Meal for 4 at Thai Garden Resort

Dream World – still a great day out in Bangkok

One of Bangkok’s oldest attractions is still a great day out for all the family – Dream World in the Thanyaburi area of Pathum Thani north of the Thai capital. Opened in 1993 the theme park is both value for money and well maintained with rides and attractions that will make for an enjoyable and fun day out for very young children through to teenagers to adults. The staff and maintenance of the park were excellent. Having not been to the Dream World for 13 years since my children from a first marriage grew up it was with some trepidation that I took my two little ones from a new

Do Schools In Thailand Have Ghosts?

Midweek Rant: The conflict of compromise and accountability

The conflict of compromise and accountability One of the things that the Thais pride themselves on has become a public millstone around their necks. It is the ability to find a compromise. On first coming to Thailand it was always heartening to see the Thais’ ability to interpret the law. At first glance it seemed better than some rigid notion from the West. There always seemed so much wriggle room and, perhaps in a blessed state of rose tinted naivety, one thought this was a national trait to be proud of. I still do to a certain extent but those initial days of youthful optimism have now been replaced with

What’s your Favorite Thai Dish?

I’ve always said that the food in Thailand is the number two reason for living here.  For sure anyone who knows me personally is reading this and thinking, “Oh no, please don’t let him get going on Thai food”. For sure I consider it to be hands down the best cuisine in the world, bar none.  And I like to talk about it. Last week I had launched into what was sure to be the beginning of a long and pontificating diatribe about the merits of Thai cuisine when my one-person new-to-Thailand audience interrupted and inquired, “So, what’s your favorite Thai dish?”  I grinned like an idiot, took a deep

THB 30,000 Thermage eyes & Botox around eyes at Nicha Clinic Pattaya

Taking coconuts to sell in the orchard

Taking coconuts to sell in the orchard Near a year after the tourism minister’s pronouncement that the days of sex in Thailand were coming to an end, we are now witnessing the rise of a new phenomenon. In fact it could be the biggest emerging trend in sex tourism to hit these shores since the GI’s started collaborating with the Thais and Mr Cowboy set up knocking shop in competition with Mr Patpong. It’s what the antipodeans refer to as BYO – bring your own no less. But while the Australians I believe were referring to a bottle of plonk in their restaurants the new tourists, not content with just

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What Makes Thailand so Appealing to the Global Press?

Thailand Make International News Seemingly Every Week The British press must have no local stories at the moment as most days they report on something from Thailand. Stories of a British tourist who has had a motorbike accident and now cannot get home, or yet another story about the neon lights of Walking Street in Pattaya. But maybe this attention is due to the very unique appeal of areas like Pattaya and Bangkok? International press will always like a story on Thailand, after all it is so popular with international travelers. Take the UK for example, where it is behind only Spain as an international holiday destination now. They therefore

What’s Missing at this Table?

Look at this picture closely and tell me what’s missing.  It was taken at an MK Suki restaurant in Bangkok.  For those unfamiliar with the MK franchise, please allow me to enlighten you.  MK is a classic Sukiyaki restaurant.   The dining room floor is populated mostly with large family sized tables with a big electric bowl in the middle used for making sukiyaki, a soup that each table customizes with their own ingredients.  Patrons order dozens of ingredients from the menu and slowly add them to the boiling water until it’s just right.  Then everyone scoops out portions into their individual bowls adding different kinds of sauces to taste.  It’s

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