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Hotel Diary: History of Rabbit Resort Pattaya

For almost 20 years, I have cherished our beautiful hidden gem hotel Rabbit Resort, located in Jomtien, Pattaya, Thailand.  It was a dream of my husband, Khun Paisan and I (Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit) to build this resort.  Since opening in 2000, more than 350,000 travelers have stayed with us. Every minute has been a pleasure, coupled with very, very hard work – easily 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Now, I would like to share with you a weekly Hotel Diary behind this marvelous, iconic resort.  The Rabbit has an unseen energy of its very own giving peace, quiet, calmness and comfort to guests. 1999 Everything started in 1999, after the

The week that was in Thailand news: Incongruity and apathy: Alive and kicking in Thailand!

Thailand is a land of incongruity. Some call it two-faced-ness but that is over-simplistic, beloved of Facebook posters, tweeters and Thailand newbies who think they know it all because they have been to Khao San Road and read a guidebook on the best place to buy banana pancakes. For the benefit of my non-native speaking readers – and those unfortunates  who missed out on the non-culinary full English, namely education – incongruity is a noun related to the more commonly use term of being incongruous. Appearing strange or wrong within a particular situation. My adopted homeland is chock-a-block full of it. In fact, the only way to survive here sometimes

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The week that was in Thailand news: Where, oh where are all the Thai serial killers?

Rooster is a bit weird. If you believe the missus very weird indeed. However, due to her diet consisting almost exclusively of fiery and stinky som tam pla ra accompanied by leaves found attached to roadside trees, her opinions can be somewhat befuddled. After what Basil Fawlty referred to as an “avenue of pleasure” – trips to Patpong – were cut off some two decades ago, my idea of a fun night is to curl up in a darkened room with YouTube and delve into the murky world of crime and in particular serial killers. My grown up daughter still proudly wears a t-shirt souvenir I purchased in India that

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