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July 2017 PAGS Tournament from Phoenix Gold
Myles Knowlson - Winner B Flt

Todd Shows How to Get it Done Another day dawned and golfers descended en masse on the Phoenix Gold course for the July PAGS tournament.  Today’s field of 93 players which included 7 Ladies had an eye on the weather conditions, and with good reason too, as a few storms had been experienced over the previous few days.   We played the Mountain & Ocean combination, with the course being in great condition after the recent Ladies European Tour event.  Greens were running smoothly, although the recent rain softened the fairways reducing much run.  Organisors implemented lift, clean & place through the green to avoid the dreaded mud ball on the

Come on Thailand: Get your priorities straight

All too often Thais are the victims of compromise. The victims of efforts to save face. The victims of their own hankering to somehow appease their own culture, be Thai amidst the difficulties. If they are not victims of total inactivity in the face of crises, then they are the victims of a press and countless authorities who have their priorities all ass-about-face. They all have a big problem, for whatever reason, in simply getting their priorities straight. There are examples in all aspects of problems facing Thai society. We’d be here all day if we were to try and list them all. All countries have problems. This is not


Thaivisa continues to develop its role on being all things to all people interested in Thailand with the launch of its new Thailand holiday villa rental service Thailand’s beauty and diversity continues to attract record numbers of tourists each year and finding the right accommodation really helps gives the very best experience when discovering this country. “Thaivisa is determined to offer a first rate, all round service for foreigners with an interest in Thailand and be a one stop destination for all things Thailand specific – from immigration and visa information, to Thai news, comparison car insurance sites for expats, to hotel and now villa booking services.” quotes Managing

Inspire Radio 1 105.75FM – Bangkok’s only English FM Station Launches!

Inspire Radio 1 105.75FM – Bangkok’s only English FM Station Launches! Bangkok now has its only English spoken FM radio channel courtesy of Inspire Radio 1 FM. The station is currently available on 105.75FM with another FM channel being introduced later in the year to ensure wider reach in the Thailand capital. Inspire Radio 1 FM is a joint venture between Charoen Cable and Choice Group Asia Media Group, whose other brands include and Thailand Channel TV. In addition to being available on Bangkok FM you can tune in via, or via the tune in App. The station will offer Thaivisa News on the hour, event updates

Your Very Own Retro Arcade Machine

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A certain lack of political correctness

I came to Thailand before the term political correctness had ever been coined. Or if it had I certainly had never heard of it. As phraseology such as intellectually or even horizontally challenged started to plague the west that I had ditched, it was always far more refreshing to be in a country where a spade was actually referred to as a spade. Imagine calling someone a spade in the UK these days. It was always possible – and still is – to poke fun at the Royals; I shall never forget my news editor calling Prince Charles “wing nut”. But increasingly the public had to watch what they said

Why does Pattaya need a Terminal 21?

So I was cruising up to North Pattaya Second Road the other day and got lost.  Oh, the road is still there, but there’s a new landmark.  I remember when they demolished that old skanky low-rise open-air shopping plaza at the Dolphin Roundabout.  One day it was there, the next day it was rubble.  But I’ve been in Bangkok for the better part of 8 months.  When I saw the construction site for the new Terminal 21 I physically gasped.  “Holy Crap!  Where did that come from?”  This thing is rising out of the ground like an alien spaceship that’s been buried for a millennium. If all goes according to

Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya at Khaenthong Children’s Home

Mr. Dmitry Chernyshev, General Manager of Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya led the hotel’s managements in donating food, beverages and money to Khaenthong Chilrdren’s Home at Khon Kaen city. The donation were accepted by the administrator representation from Khaenthong Children’s Home. As our major roles in Hospitality Industry, it has been a great joy to accommodate and find way for our Employee in giving back to society in a fun and meaningful way. Kinds are future of one’s own nation and we couldn’t be happier to see their captivating smile all over their face. For more information, please contact: Phumpich Dabbaransi Marketing Communications and Public Relations Manager Tel. 0 38 930

Midweek rant: Death penalty Thailand – make your bloody mind up

    It is a given that the criminal justice system is in a mess in Thailand. The most absurd irregularities in sentencing make that case plain and simple. Five years potentially for vaping yet suspended sentences for assault. Jail time for defaming the guilty but get off Scot free for ripping off the poor. Run into and kill innocent people and just do a few weeks pretending to be a monk. Drag a cop along the road and give a garland and a wai and hope all will be forgiven. Or even kill an officer and just gallivant around the world waiting for the statute of limitations to run

Can Thailand cope with 50% more tourists by 2030?

It was recently stated that Thailand hopes to attract 50 million tourists a year by 2030. With recent figures coming out of the kingdom that there are currently just shy of 35 million visitors per annum that would represent an increase of almost half over the next dozen years or so. Indeed there would almost be as many visitors to Thailand as there are Thai people! The question is whether the infrastructure of the country can cope and what needs to be done so that visitors are not just treated as cash cows to be herded around in sub-standard transport to non-existent or poor quality accommodation. The country needs to

Grandpa, tell us about Bangkok before the Skytrain

I rode the Skytrain in Bangkok the week it opened.  It was new, it was free and it was the first time in my life I ever took public transportation.  Since I am an American, this is not all that startling a statement.  Taking an American’s car away is tantamount to castration. It was so easy and clean and efficient.  Most importantly, it took you where you wanted to go. I’ll never forget my Thai girlfriend’s reaction.  She asked me to meet her at a café in Silom.  When I arrived right on time she asked, “How did you get here so fast?”  Beaming with pride I said, “I took

Thailand – First World or Third World it still rocks my world.

Rooster has never used the term “third world” when referring to Thailand. It’s not that my specs have a strong tint of rose, just that I long since accepted its shortcomings and preferred to celebrate its improvements rather than dwell on what is wrong all the time. As I observed the term in relation to Thailand for the umpteenth time on Thaivisa forum this week I thought a little research was in order as while most people accept the connotation the term ‘third world’ implies it is not immediately obvious where it originated. I mean where is the second world? And is there even a fourth one, I wondered. I

Thai adults are letting down their children

I am quite sick of hearing stories about child abuse. There is nothing new there. I long since realized that the party line, holier-than-thou approach that said Thais were beyond reproach when it came to the care of children was just pie in the sky. Those early images of older people standing up for kids on the bus have faded as the reality has kicked in. Thais are probably no better or worse than any other nationality when it comes to children. Though there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that shows children being treated like chattel I prefer not to dwell on that. What is sickening in the extreme is

Thailand – the hub of brilliant toilets

Thailand – the hub of brilliant toilets By Gerry Carter Pictures: Gerry Carter Some people critical of Thailand are constantly banging on about the country being “third world” without a hope of joining the club of developed nations any time soon. But those spouting these weary and predictable condemnations have clearly never been in some of the restrooms at Bangkok’s upmarket and swanky department stores. For these toilets are anything but third world and would put to shame the very best that Western nations could muster. In fact it would be no surprise to see the Tourism Authority of Thailand promoting the country as a center of sanitary and relief driven

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