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10 Features (Some Quirky) that make Pattaya what it is
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In a town some call ‘Paradise’!

Pattaya is very unique, in fact to compare to anywhere else would be, well, impossible. As an overall proposition, Pattaya is just Pattaya. So here at the Inspire ivory towers we were keen to dissect the facts and come up with some of the key components that go some way to make Pattaya what it is today. We are sure you will have many more to add to this list – and please do email us your suggestions (

What Makes Pattaya, Pattaya

1. Dogs in Street OK, if you were to say Las Vagas you would start with ‘Casinos’ as a key feature, so perhaps ‘stray dogs’ is not the best feature to start with; but the dogs are among us, they lay on every entrance to every 7-11 store, and are certainly are an inescapable presence in this town. They are everywhere and to us expats we can actually turn a blind eye and miss this fact, such is our over familiarity with them.
2. 7-11 Stores You cannot walk more than 50 yards without passing this hugely popular store in Pattaya.
3. Beer Bars and Go-Go BarsA survey some 12 months ago counted over 850 of these in Pattaya, surely per square mile that has to be a world leader in drinking establishments?
4. Soi CompositionYou walk down any soi in Pattaya and you will see a 7-11, a massage shop, a hairdresser, beer bar and, more often than not, a karaoke bar.
5. Safety PinsIf you see a Thai lady with a safety pin on pinned on her clothes over her belly then it means she is pregnant, its good luck apparently.
6. Working WeeksMost Thais work 6 days a week, don’t feel too sorry for them though as there is seemingly a public holiday every other week.
7. Global RestaurantsWhat ever food dish you want to eat Pattaya will be able to serve it. We are serious. Again, can any other destination in the world boast this?
8. Turning Right at JunctionsWhen driving and turning at traffic lights, what started as one lane will ALWAYS turn to three as inpatient drivers jump to the front and start new lanes in order to do so. Its very annoying but, hey, its Pattaya and those are the unwritten rules for driving etiquette. Oh, and when the lights turn red this means you have at least five seconds to keep driving before you need to stop at these lights (or something like that).
9. Golf CoursesPattaya has over 20 quality golf courses within a 50km radius of the centre. That is as staggering as it is stunning. They are all types and terrain and it makes Pattaya a golfers haven.
10. A SmileYou can always feel happy in Pattaya as you will always be met with a warm Thai smile (even if they don’t like you).

This article is a light hearted, not to be taken serious feature. Pattaya, after all, is our home that we all affectionately – one way or the other – love.

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