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5 Things You Don’t Know About Russians in Pattaya (You will be surprised)
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Inspire knows all you need to know

The Russians get a rough ride by others in Pattaya, but is it with good reason or not? Inspire has recently spent two weeks exploring both the more remote Eastern areas of Russia to the more modern, affluent Moscow area found in the west; and it has really opened our eyes to what the Russians are all about. We surprised ourselves and, hands up, our stereotypical image seem far from the truth for the typical Russian person.

It seems though the world unite in finding the Russians the most irritating tourist in the world. This is according to a survey by holiday site Zoover conducted amongst more than 12,000 holidaymakers from 20 European countries and a database analysis. No less than 42% of Europeans surveyed said that of all European nationalities they found Russians most annoying during their holiday.

Here are 5 things that we are sure you don’t know about ‘those Russians’!:

1. Superstitious

They seem to have a belief or superstition for just about anything. If you whistle in the house it means you will lose your money, they hate it. Just try next time you near a Russian in a building!!

Of course, anything other Western countries have superstitions for such as the black cat running in front of you bringing bad luck, the everyday Russian will also believe.

2. Good Manners

We often see the Russian in the street enjoying a cold, large bottle of Chang outside a 7-11 and assume they have no manners, this is kind of misleading. The guy in the street is also typical of an English lad in Benidorm – every country has these people.


If you are drinking with a typical Russian and you finish your beer it is polite to put your empty beer bottle on the floor. What’s interesting is the Russians can be the loudest or the most drunk, but these are the minorities. When you actually drink with a more normal Russian they can be the nicest and most respectful people you will ever meet. Given the size of Russia, they have a 146 million population and the polarization in wealth, it seems the poor Russians, whom have that rare opportunity to have a holiday in an area like Pattaya, just lose control, in reality they are the minority – but make the loudest impression and give the rest of the Russians a terrible name for themselves abroad.

Russians treat each other with very good respect, and you will always here a ‘Thank You’ and ‘Your Welcome’ when they talk. Always. You stop someone in the street for directions and they will help you – can the same be true of other countries?

The more Russians I meet, the more I find them very well mannered and in many instances put countries like the UK, where I come from, to shame. They treat each other very well.

3. Great Food

This Inspire reporter long thought the staple food of a Russian was cabbage, potato and chicken; or maybe a good hot broth. OK – they do eat these, but they also have a very wide selection of surprisingly tasty dishes. Fish, and smoked fish in particular, they eat in abundance. Chances are if they are drinking a beer – or should we say, many beers (yes its still true they do drink lots) they will also be found chewing on a piece of smoked fish which is delicious.

They like to eat BBQ food as would find in countries like Turkey on a skewer, whilst some of their soups – including a divine cold summer soup which has a real zesty kicks to it, are also popular.

4. The Women Look for Wealth/Security in a Man

This is not true in all cases but its certainly very, very common to find a woman looking for a man that can give her financial security – even if they themselves are already financially secure. You may say this is true, only masked, with other nationalities. This could be the case, yet the Russian woman will be open about this. Whilst in Russia I met a lady who recently split with her boyfriend because ‘he could not offer her the financial situation she wanted’. Again, it is just my opinion and I could be wrong, I get the impression that ‘face’ and being better than the next person (or the ‘best that they can’) is very important to a Russian woman. Indeed some similarities to Thais.

5. They Don’t Like Vodka

Ok, Ok, calm down…this is a lie. Clearly this is a lie. They adore Vodka and a couple out on a date could easily drink a bottle of Vodka together in one sitting. But, and you may not know this, they do not mix Vodka but they do have a fruit drink near them for after they have ‘slammed’ the Vodka shot. Many drink shots of vodka during their meal in replacement to a wine or beer like we may have.

One more thing, if you are going to entertain your Russian friends be sure to have a dance floor nearby as they cannot help themselves, once they have had a drink they must dance..!

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