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A Bar Girl Versus a Date – Is it really clear the best option?
14th December 2017 Posted by Dan No comments
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From time to time Inspire receives blogs from its team of writers that makes us squirm, and this was one such article. But, if you look at the facts it’s an interesting argument put forward – so we decided to publish it. The views expressed below are the views of the writer and not necessarily Inspires.

It is all based on the subject of bar girls and the casual relationships bar goers have with them, if you know what we mean. It is often frowned upon by outsiders. Here is the debate put forward by our guest writer whom has spent years in the bars in and around Pattaya.

“With a Bar girl both parties win. It’s a trade. If she didn’t want to go with him, she didn’t have too. Some even become a ‘rented’ girlfriends. With this ‘relationship’ the guy gets what he wants, and the girl gets what she wants.

By contrast, One night stands often results in both drunken parties regretting it in the morning, that’s not actually the case with the later scenario. And according to one such online (on survey 25 percent of daters have turned a one-night stand into a relationship. So one in four people have had a one-night stand turn into a relationship. I wonder what a bar girl conversion is? Given it started as a trade I suspect 1 in 10 could be estimated, at least in a short term capacity. I am not sure my objective of the correlation here, I guess its trying to show there is not much difference in ratios between a bar girl and a one night stand. Food for thought at least, perhaps.

But having a relationship with a bar girl, sure those in one will defend it but does it come with unneeded risks – as let’s not forget the original motivation was money and security, as opposed to attraction, so what’s not to say that doesn’t change? Most of these relationships will fail and it always seems to be the guy that is left losing both financially and emotionally.”

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