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Why Can’t Us Brits enjoy life like Thais?
14th April 2017 Posted by Dan No comments
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Taken from a UK website

Interesting article was published recently by our sister publication in the UK, that compares Brits living back in the UK with Thais. It comes at a time when Songkran really brings home the Thai mentality for Sanuk-Sanuk (fun). Culturally Thailand and the UK is very different, but does that come at the expense of fun for the Brits back home? Here is what was written on the subject by

“There is a common line of thought that suggests Westerners, like us Brits here in Kent for example, use our right hand side of our brain more whilst Thais their left. What does this mean exactly? It means we reason and are very analytical about things whilst the Thais are creative and lighter hearted.

It means that we are often very good at business whilst Thais at design and artwork; but this article wants to focus on our ability to have fun and take life less seriously, and this is fueled by how we have been trained to use our brains and act. Its time to use both sides of our brain together, now that would yield spectacular life results!

On the whole, we are completely focused on success and working hard in order have more wealth. Thais live for the moment and love to have fun.”

To Read Full Article which explains more: Why can’t Brits enjoy life like Thais – CLICK HERE – Source: Inspire Kent

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