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Is Hua Hin the Best Retirement Location in Thailand? by The Pattaya Sleuth
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27th April 2016 Posted by Nina No comments
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Is Hua Hin the Best Retirement Location in Thailand?

There are many cities that try to stake claim to being the best city to retire in Thailand with both Chiang Mai and Hua Hin having a good claim. The leading online resource company Living and Invest recently ranked Hua Hin as the 7th best place to retire in the World – some achievement. They take into account various factors such as the cost of living, amenities and healthcare so pretty much everything that someone who was serious about retiring would or at least should consider.

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Unlike Chiang Mai, Hua Hin has clean air throughout the year, plenty of sandy beaches and is just around a two hour drive from Bangkok. There are low levels of crime reported annually certainly in comparison to Bangkok or Pattaya and a wide selection of sporting activities including golf and tennis for those that are feeling active. When it comes to restaurants, Hua Hin has plenty which offer good quality as well as variety.

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Cost of living is also something that plays a huge factor in many people’s decision about where they choose to retire. According to the latest (April 2016) figures from a one bedroom apartment in the city centre cost an average of THB16,667 per month to rent whilst those living out of the city can pick up the same for just THB8,750 with the average disposable monthly salary being THB15,667. Transport is also cheap but similar to other parts of Thailand with again markets coming in slightly cheaper than the likes of Bangkok or Phuket on many but not all items.

There are a number of hospitals in Hua Hin that have excellent facilities such as the Bangkok Hospital. The prices tend to be slightly higher so sufficient health insurance is advisable especially for retirees who are perhaps living on a budget. There are a number of small clinics throughout the area that vary in quality but can general treat any minor cases.

The real estate in Hua Hin, like many areas in Thailand is experience a period of growth. Quality condominiums are being developed that are attractive for anyone looking to purchase property. The prices compare favourably with Bangkok, Phuket and many areas of Pattaya although as a general rule prices are cheaper in Chiang Mai.

Obviously deciding where to retire is an important decision in anyone’s life but Hua Hin ticks many boxes. If you are considering retiring in Thailand it is well worth paying a visit to see Hua Hin for yourself. It is worth noting that disabled access is not always of the highest standard.

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