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What Makes Thailand so Appealing to the Global Press?
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Thailand Make International News Seemingly Every Week

The British press must have no local stories at the moment as most days they report on something from Thailand. Stories of a British tourist who has had a motorbike accident and now cannot get home, or yet another story about the neon lights of Walking Street in Pattaya. But maybe this attention is due to the very unique appeal of areas like Pattaya and Bangkok?

International press will always like a story on Thailand, after all it is so popular with international travelers. Take the UK for example, where it is behind only Spain as an international holiday destination now. They therefore know their readers will be interested in stories from these shores.

News Stories with a Plot and Story Line like no where else

What also makes these stories so appealing is that, quite frankly, there are so many of them that come out of Thailand that has a plot and story line that you would not get anywhere else. Everywhere you look from the Kho Tao murders, the ‘Battle of Bintabat’ in Hua Hin where an elderly UK family were beaten up and kicked whilst on the floor, to bombings and the likes, there is a story sure to make big headlines anywhere in the world.

Could it also be that there are no in between middle grounds here too? Bangkok is the #1 destination in the world for tourism and street food, yet in the same breath its #1 – not 2 or 3 – in the world for having the worst traffic. It makes the country alluring, challenging and tantalizingly unpredictable.

It’s like the bad boy boyfriend that girls are attracted too

Few can really knock the wonders and delights of a country that has more idiosyncrasies than most countries – that have become soulless and automated, it has character and never seizes to amaze – for both good and bad reasons. It has a heart that beats fast, Thailand reminds you of the fact that you are alive.

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