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Midweek Rant – Stop Knocking Pattaya!
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22nd February 2017 Posted by Nina No comments
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Pattaya has taken a helluva knocking lately. From those claiming that the crime rate has gone through the roof with attacks in bars and necklace snatchings, that the resort is nothing but a haven for villains both local and international, to those who say that it is dirty, corrupt and the dregs of Thailand.

It seems that in the eyes of many Pattaya is the pits – always has been and always will be. It has no future and should be avoided. Its seedy image is well engrained and it deserves being called a prostitution capital of the world worth visiting only for sex tourists. Even then the people are horrible and you’ll be lucky not to be attacked.

Well I beg to differ.

Most of the negativity comes from people who don’t live in Pattaya or even idiots who have never even been there. Or it comes from the bias of people who have never really got to know the resort or what it has to offer in so many ways.

People are just prejudiced when Pattaya is mentioned.

For me I admit I like to poke fun at Pattaya. I have lived almost my entire adult life in Bangkok and this is where I intend to stay and like the most. But that doesn’t mean to say I haven’t had some great times in Pattaya.

I must have visited there at least 100 times. As a journalist I have written many hundreds of crime stories about the resort – I am under no illusions about what could happen but I still like it and think it is a great place to visit.


Because it has so much to offer. And so much more than walking Street or bar stools.

When my children were growing up it was always a favorite of ours to go to Pattaya. We used to leave mum at home for a rest and drive off there. Hotels were of good quality and very reasonably priced. Great food was to be had everywhere and again nearly always good value. The people seemed perfectly OK – a bit more surprised at a Westerner speaking good Thai than Bangkok – but never any problems.

And my young kids growing up loved the place for Pattaya Park, Ripley’s, mini golf, the beach – whatever, we always had a great time, great weekends.

For me it was not a place I would live in – I was hooked on Bangkok and that was where we lived – but it was always worth a few days to visit.

If I ever went out with the boys on other trips – and we had a few stag weekends at the resort – a good time was always had by all. No fights, no blood, no trouble. Maybe we never went looking for any – but none found us.

Now starting a new family with more young children and a wife who likes to go to Pattaya we shall be going to the resort all over again. And hopefully for many years to come.

These days there is even more to do for families in the area of Pattaya, the hotels remain excellent value and the food is better than ever. More variety, more choice, more everything.

Sure it’s a bit grubby in places and a bit disorganized but you can hardly say that Bangkok doesn’t suffer from those problems.

We shall continue to go to Pattaya and always will and can’t wait for our trip there when the Thai school holidays start next week.

So to those people who seem to spend their entire lives moaning about Pattaya – why don’t you give it a rest?

And stop knocking Pattaya!

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