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Oh those subservient Thai ladies!
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Oh those subservient Thai ladies!

Welcome to “Every Picture Tells a Story”; a weekly post about living in Thailand. Each week we’ll post a picture that illustrates some of the best parts about living in Thailand.

When I announced to the family I’d be moving to Thailand, my sister rolled her eyes. “Oh, you just want to go find a subservient Thai woman and enslave her”. She actually used the word “enslave”. No amount of argument could convince her of any other intention. “That’s what all men want” she added. Such are the attitudes of many a pinch-faced shrew from my home country.

I must admit, the presence of Thai females in Thailand was neither a surprise nor a discouragement while considering the move. But, I always suspected the “subservient female” thing to be a myth. As it turns out, I was right.

My first girlfriend here was a rich girl who drove a Mercedes and traded properties like she was playing Monopoly. She is easily the most jealous and manipulative creature I’ve ever met. My every move was monitored and reported; it was like living with a CSI investigator. Any docile wife fantasies I may have had were squelched on the first outing.
For 7 years I was married to a beautiful Thai woman. I consider it 5 of the best years of my life. That was the approximate ratio of good to awful … 5 to 2. When your Thai wife wants something, there is no negotiating. They make your life great 5 out of 7 days so they figure you owe them anyway.

When outsiders see a farang/Thai relationship and think the woman is somehow living in a diminished way, it is usually an illusion created by her. Some Thai ladies may appear to be driving from the backseat, but make no mistake … they are driving.

And that’s the story this week’s picture tells. I met this young Thai lady at a tattoo show in Pattaya. Sitting at the booth where her young French boyfriend was displaying his tattoo art, we talked about ink and farang/Thai relationships.

She said that, for her, dating a farang did not change the way she approached a relationship. “Sooner or later, I’m going to be myself” she chuckled. “It has nothing to do with the man”.

When I asked about the big ring she had piercing her lower lip, she smiled and told me her boyfriend fantasized about putting a chain through it and leading her around. “Would that make you his slave?” I asked. “No” she cackled … “He would be mine”.

Thai ladies in a nutshell.

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