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The week that was in Thailand news: Have yourself a very Melly Clitamart!

One of the great things about Christmas in Thailand is that it can still be completely ignored. Whereas avoiding Songkran requires adopting a strategy of pincer movements like a military operation, giving Yuletide a wide berth just means barking a few orders for shopping to the missus and firing off a few salvos of mock good cheer should the neighbors think you give a damn. Going out into the shopping malls can be a different kettle of pla of course, though, armed with a Tottenham Hotspur bobble hat to ward off the arctic temperatures of +32 degrees C and a few earplugs stuffed in to counter the pain of Frosty

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How Villa Market helps me as an Expat in Thailand

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Home comforts in Thailand thanks to Villa Market!

When I arrived in Thailand to live some 12 years ago it was a trade off against enjoying my favourite UK grocery brands. Such is life, the trade off was worth it as living in Thailand has been awesome. However now with supermarkets like Villa Market I can get the best of both worlds.   I was recently in Pattaya and noticed Villa Market had opened a new store in a new location called Little Walk on the Sukhumvit Road. I am sure many people are unaware this area even exists and it surprised me too when I saw it. Little Walk is located where Index used to be, just

Surrounded by untapped retiree wisdom

Ocean Marina Yacht Club support disabled sailing in Thailand with purchase of eight “SV14” boats
Ocean Marina Yacht Club purchase of eight “SV14” boats_m

World’s first fleet of SV14s to be based at Ocean Marina Yacht Club Top of the Gulf Regatta to host first ever “Thailand Open Parasailing Championship” Ocean Marina Yacht Club have invested in Thailand’s burgeoning disabled sailing scene with the purchase of eight SV14 boats from FAREAST YACHTS. With limited sailing opportunities for disabled people in Thailand, Ocean Marina Yacht Club have taken the lead with the purchase of what will be the world’s first SV14 fleet, and expect to take delivery January, 2019 after which the fleet will be based at Ocean Marina Yacht Club in Pattaya.   “Ocean Marina Yacht Club have been promoting sailing opportunities in Thailand

The week that was in Thailand news: Thais have a long fuse – but be careful when it’s lit.

What the hell does ‘safe’ mean? I don’t mean those things that hold money and jewels – having four children has meant that I’ve never needed one of those. No ‘safe’ as in free from danger. My online dictionary tried to pin it down: “Protected from or not exposed to danger or risk; not likely to be harmed or lost”. That sounded like a recipe for the most boring life imaginable. Of course, the perception of risk and danger is in the eye of the beholder. Or to mix my metaphors, one man’s meat is another man’s mad cow disease. Some people wouldn’t be seen dead doing what another considers

A wonderful day on a Thailand Beach

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Dusit International retains its crown as the hotel of choice for Miss Universe contestants in Thailand

Dusit International, one of Thailand’s foremost hotel and property development companies, is ending the year in style after being selected as the official hotel partner of the MISS UNIVERSE® pageant in Thailand for the third time.   Now in its 67th year, MISS UNIVERSE® will take place on December 17 in Bangkok with nearly 100 representatives from all over the world participating. The global event was previously hosted in Thailand in 1992 and 2005, with Dusit Thani Bangkok the official pageant residence on each occasion.   During their time in Thailand, contestants will take part in activities at the Dusit Thani Bangkok hotel. They also recently visited and stayed at

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International Press Launch at Pattaya’s Latest Golf Course

After three years in construction, the Chee Chan Golf Resort welcomed golf journalists from all over Asia yesterday, to experience their latest 18-hole championship course beneath the famous Chee Chan Buddha Mountain, near Pattaya. As a local journalist and Pattaya resident, it would be fair to say that there had been a lot of gossip and speculation about this new venture, however the good news is this David Dale designed layout is both challenging and stunning. Chee Chan is one of the first courses in the region to use Zemet Zoysia grass on the tees and fairways to great effect. In addition, their Bermuda Tifeagle greens will provide excellent year-round

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