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Is Hua Hin Boring?

Guest Vlog Ian Wheldale – Here We Are – Thailand offers so much

New vs Resale Property Debate in Thailand

The week that was in Thailand news: Car washer or motorcycle taxi – jobs for the Work Permit Police!

When taking my now grown up children to school from Pathum Thani to Don Muang we had a game to pass the time as listening to the latest rice quotas on Thailand Radio somehow failed to grab their attention. After turning off the main expressway we would count the soi dogs and have a little surreptitious family wager on who could predict the exact number we might see in the sois before we got to school. I balked at the idea that we might count the road kill on the main thoroughfares – the kids were hardened to some of the realities of life in Thailand but they were just

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Kae Bae and the roller coaster roads of KohChang

Guest Vlog Delon Serino – Avengers experience Thailand!

New Villa Market Opening Day – Video Review

The second Villa Market opened in Pattaya on Saturday 10th November on Little Walk on the Sukhumvit Road. LIttle Walk is located where the previous Index store about 100 metres from Soi Siam Country. Be sure to look out for new offers and promotions from the store via Inspire Pattaya and  

Why your friends will die sooner being a working expat in Thailand

Guest Vlog Live Travel Asia – In a Motorcycle Accident in Thailand, Advice About Dealing with Thai Police

The week that was in Thailand news: Going up in smoke in Thailand – that’s the only certainty!

I blame my brother for introducing me to smoking. He was seven at the time and I was barely nine. Almost thirty years of self destruction started with dipping into a packet of ten Players No. 10. I finally saw sense in 1999 perhaps reaching an age when one starts to appreciate that one is not actually immortal. I went cold turkey. A day of proud abstinence led to two. Two days led to a week, a month and a year. Then I was home free even if a vastly improved appetite meant my middle age spread did just that…spread. There was a lapse or two – brought on mostly

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Stunning Scenery West of Hua Hin including Pran Buri Dam

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