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Poll Results: Lady-boy ‘encounters’ high among foreigners
15th May 2018 Posted by Nina No comments
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Mention Thailand to people and chances are in addition to mentioning the beautiful beaches they will also drop in a few words on lady-boys too. Over the years it has certainly featured in many a bar conversation, you must have heard them ‘Would you?’, ‘Have you?’ and ‘Is it Gay to go with a lady-boy’ type debate. So I wanted to put the questions to a poll and 300 replies later I have some interesting data.

38% have had a sexual encounter with a lady-boy

Did this figure surprise me? Well it should have done but it didn’t. I shared the stats in my office and my foreign sales guy said “Yes, I fall into that category too”.


80% of all respondents said they found lady-boys attractive, so is it that unrealistic not to expect a big slug of that group not to have had a sexual encounter with them. I guess I should have put a filter into what this encounter actually constituted, but still, at very least some slap and tickle did take place.


Further more, 16% who said they had not had a sexual experience also said they did not rule out the chance were it to present itself. So the flat out ‘No – and never will’ turned out to be the minority group. 53% of the respondents had either had a sexual experience or would not rule out one in the future with a lady-boy.


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