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Do Schools In Thailand Have Ghosts?
16th May 2017 Posted by Nina No comments
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Hi! I’m Dasha, a 14 year old reporter for Inspire. In Thailand, many things are strange for foreigners who didn’t grow up here and they also missed out on the strange experience my friends and I got to go through in primary.

Ghosts? School? Where’s the connection? Well, Thai people have a culture that’s full of not only creatures, but ghosts as well. They love a good scary legend with a ghost or two in it. Have you ever seen a Thai horror movie? If you haven’t… you have to be sure that you’re ready to see one. I personally think that they are one of the scariest horror movies full of jump scares, blood, gore, demons and GHOSTS! Anyways,back to the school topic. Between grades 1-6 life was easy. Of-course it was, isn’t life in high school full of pain and torture now?! Not really, but when we all were little kids it was priceless. However, in an English school in Thailand we got to experience an adrenaline rush once in a while with some ghost stories from our teachers.

Whenever we finished doing our work we had to do, we almost always asked our teachers to tell us a ghost story. When they would agree to do so, we would all gather around in a circle stay close to our friends usually turn the lights off and in dead silence listen to the teacher. Actually, I once scared the whole class in the middle of a scary story by accident. I stood up to go throwaway something in the bin and on my way back to my seat someone looked at me and screamed making everybody else scream at the top of their lungs. Should I be offended by the fact that people thought I was a ghost?

Now, do schools in Thailand have ghosts? Do ghosts exist? Personally,the closest I got to seeing a ghost is “being” one. I’ve never seen a ghost in my life and I’m not planning to either. But, who knows maybe the stories you hear are true…

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