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The Views of a 25 Year Old Female Expat on the Gay Scene in Pattaya
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Her last article made quite a stir, so what can we expect now from her?

When Inspire published this young ladies first article two weeks ago we were overwhelmed with not just how many people read the blog but by the emails we received on what she wrote. Many loved her, while many hated her views. it really was that polarised.

So when we received her second article and saw the subject material was the gay scene here in Pattaya and we took a deep breath as we read the first paragraph. In fact we were so nervous about what she may say that we sent her blog to our close friends who are involved in the gay community to ask the question: Is she OK to talk like she does?

…Anyhow Inspire was given the green light to publish her views, so here they are.

The following views are the views of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of Inspire, it is only one persons views and the objective is to see what one 25 year old female views are on certain areas of Pattaya.

Her Views on the Gay Scene in Pattaya: (unedited and written in her very unique – shall we say – style)

Urban dictionary defines terms such as; queer dear, fag hag or fruit fly as, ‘a straight woman who loves the company of the gay male community, such as drag shows, and going to gay bars.’ That’s me in a nut shell; I am a full blown QUEER DEAR!!!

No matter where I end up living I seem to attract the company of gay’s, or is that to say I sub consciously seek out the friendship of gays…nah, gay’s love me and I love them!!

Having a gay uncle, opened me to the gay society at an early age, and I soon became aware that gay relationships are just the same as any other partnership, as well as having my own personal hairdresser on speed dial!!

This has led me to become the open minded woman that I am today. Plus my best male friend in the UK also happens to be gay. I can’t wait till his sexy ass lands in this Sin City!!

A vibrant gay scene lingers over Pattaya. Bars, nightclubs, saunas, massage parlors and restaurants. If it’s not a gay bar then it’s a entertainment bar. Where are females in this town supposed to find young straight males??

For incredible lip syncing, tones of glitz, a style of glamour, fanatical costumes and amazing choreography, then you have to visit, The Venue, located in the Jomtien Complex area. It is by far, the best small scale cabaret show in the whole of Patts, and it’s free!!

If you females and gays (of course) are looking for more sex and testosterone, check out the show boys at NAB. The upper class gay club of Patts, located close to McDonalds near Soi 6. NAB presents Thai men that actually have the height and muscle mass of western men!!

On entrance, you are greeted by a huge stage including a catwalk, where the men continually flaunt their sexy physiques. After the show, the music blares till the early hours. On several occasions when friends and I have left NAB, McDonald’s is serving breakfast. Finishing the night with a sausage and egg McMuffin, is always a sign of a great night!!!!

Patts is also renowned for, Dongtan beach. Here, the atmosphere is more relaxed compared to the downtown coast. Nevertheless, we all know by now, there’s no escaping the bothersome hagglers that prowl along the beachfront.

Dongtan, is definitely another place to watch! I love seeing the money boys marauding along the beach, strutting their stuff in skimpy Y-fronts!!
Ice cream and Danish boy are my favourite vendors of Dongtan. If you are familiar with this beach, you may well know these two comical characters. The outlandish Ice cream boy speaks in the feminine Thai tone. Whilst Danish boy has never made purchasing pastries so amusing!! Next time you find yourself in the Dongtan area, be sure to listen out for these boys, as you are guaranteed to hear them before you see them!!

Till next time, work hard and play harder, T

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