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What does a 25 year old English Expat Female think of Pattaya?
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Pattaya through the eyes of a 25 year old English Female

Inspire is delighted to add an exciting and intriguing new element to our offer: A regular guest article from a 25 year old young working female expat that lives here in Pattaya. What does she think of this town and all that it offers?

Find out ONLY with Inspire eMagazine. We are sure her opinion may not please everyone indeed the views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Inspire. Its unedited and 100% the view of one particular young lady whom finds herself working and living in Pattaya…

‘Me, myself and Pattaya’

Sa wa dee ka readers!!!

So, here I am the voice of a 25 year old British female. I originate from the West Midlands region of England. Back in 2008 was my first trip to Pattaya, the craziness of this City just blew me away!! Subsequently in late 2010 I graduated, then came the ground breaking move. So you can imagine the life style change when actually moving here!!!

I currently live and work in Pattaya appropriately! Yes you read that right, a young female that is not a sex worker! Bet you never thought women like me existed in this Sin City!

The last couple of years this Patts has been my new found home and I love it! The purpose of my move was to kick start my career; these forthcoming articles tell the stories of my sojourn into the abyss we call Pattaya.


‘Why oh why Pattaya?!?!’

Middle aged, beer bellied, over grown furry males over populate the streets of Pattaya. So I often get asked the question, ‘Why did you decide to move to Pattaya?’ my answer to this is simple “Why the hell not?”

Patts is based in an ideal location. It’s easily accessible to most of Thailand. Bangkok is 2 hours away, local party islands like Koh Samet are less than 2 hours away. Then if you fancy a real change of place, Cambodia is only a few hours away, depending on your method of transport of course. If you take one of those extreme minivans, you blink and you’re at the border!

As a small scale city, Patts really has a lot to offer. Endless amounts of authentic cuisine, numerous beauty treatment options and boundless bargaining opportunities. The possibilities to waste both time and money are seemingly infinite.

I am a keen observationist, therefore, I generally derive pleasure from people watching. Let me tell you, this place certainly does not disappoint! An excellent location to ‘freak watch’ is on the side streets of Arab town. Casually puffing away on a shisha and watching the masses of people pass by has never been so entertaining! Accompanied by a side dish of Israeli food, of course.

Further into Central Patts, is the infamous Soi 8. What jaw dropping sights many have witnessed here!! What truly makes this Soi stick out from the rest is, the notorious Sailor Bar, in my opinion the ‘best pre- party bar, EVER!’ Whiskey chasers at 20 baht and the majority of cocktails for 60 baht. In my mind, it’s kind of illegal not to drink here, wouldn’t you agree?? Trust me, if you like drink it’s literally impossible to leave this bar sober!

Seriously, this place is awesome and the food is just as cheap. Sailor bar offers a range of Thai and Farang dishes, all at reasonable prices. So when you have taken full advantage of this bar, hop on a baht bus to the most villainous street of them all, Walking Street!!

What I love the most about Walking Street is that you’re guaranteed cringe worthy, eye popping scenes that will make you gawk and squirm.
Now, when it comes to weekdays, I try to avoid the impish temptations of the City, and tend to hang out in Jomtien or the dark side. To me, Jomtien is a more tamed side of Patts, but still just a songtail ride away from the hustle and bustle of downtown.

On the contrary, I will occasionally drag my ass into town for Movie Wednesdays. 80 baht to see a movie, that’s under £2, WTF!!! Last time I went to the movies in the UK I paid £15, equivalent of over 700 baht!! I rarely go to the movies at Central, far too crowded; The Avenue is way more appealing. Chilled out, less crammed, easy parking and not to forget the endless wonders of Villa Market, where would we foreigners be without that place!!

To conclude, society in Patts is anything but dull or remotely regular, in comparison to the west that is. But who here wants that, ‘the social norm?’?? It’s mind-numbingly tedious, hence the move from West to East.

Till next time, work hard and play harder, ‘ T ’ x

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