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The 5 signs to look for that you should go home and leave Pattaya
04th January 2018 Posted by Vadim Thaivisa No comments
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Living away from home and especially in Thailand in places like Pattaya can be moments of pure bliss, you are living the dream, right? But is everyone really living this dream life and are there red flag warning signs that you are better off jumping on a plane and getting back home?

This vlog playfully but with an air of seriousness looks at the warning signs that perhaps you are better off back home than in Pattaya.

We are have different standards and acceptable living conditions, but if you have succumbed to a 3k baht a month studio with no aircon and a cold, broken shower or even possibly a large barrel you need to fill with water. You know the type, studios in the same block as the workers of Soi Baukhao, then this is sign number 1. Your not living the dream, go home.

Sign number 2.  When you complain on one of the many online food groups when a breakfast costing 99 baht and that it is too expensive or the tea is not tetleys. Perhaps a member of staff didn’t courtesy for you too? Remember you do have the choice to buy a more expensive breakfast, but perhaps you are watching your sedang a little more than you should. I even see one guy complain to a restaurant that his curry serving was not big enough – it was a 149 baht meal deal that came with naan, rice and half a pint of beer. What does the guy want?

Drinking can often cross the line in Pattaya and become a big problem for some guys here. I knew one guy that said he got drunk not just everyday but twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon after he woke from his lunch time nap. If you are drinking everyday and before 5pm, Pattaya may be about to consume you and spit you out. Be warned, it could be time to leave.  Another big sign, if you have stopped drinking in a beer bar and now drink outside a 7-11 or a Thai shop as it’s cheaper; this too is a little alarming. That’s my sign number 3.

Number 4: If you have no money. I am sure there are many guys here that would struggle to even get a flight home anyway. They will live here with no health insurance and be the wrong side of 60 years old. It is a matter of time before something bad happens.

And finally, you have had or are having a bad experience with your Thai partner. Maybe they have taken all you have got and you are feeling depressed, alone and skint – but seem to think another teelak is still out there for you. Go home before you fall off a balcony.

To many this list will read as a bit of light hearted fun but I have lived in Pattaya for over ten years and sadly seen expats die far too young from over drinking, I have seen them not wanting to give up on Pattaya even with no money – and their life is worse than if they were just to get on a plane and go home. Pattaya is a fantastic place but too many people try and live the dream without the means to even pay for one good meal a day.

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