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Cleanup/ Party at The Blue Lagoon Pattaya – 27 July 2018
14th June 2018 Posted by Vadim Thaivisa No comments
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«Clean Up Party»

Friday, July 27, there will be a closed promotional party on waste disposal in Pattaya. The attendees will receive free food and 3 free drinks. There will also be live music and other surprises. On the coupon the guests receive, there will be a number that will be drawn later in the evening, where you can win exciting winnings. We have the opportunity to invite a maximum of 70 guests, as Rubbish Communication itself comes with 30 guests, hence some VIP guests who are part of this project. The event starts at 6:30 PM and lasts until 9:30 PM. We hope you care about the environment in Thailand and hope to welcome you to our event at The Blue Lagoon in the Village. – Sign up here on facebook or contact 08 433 60560 (Eng-No)

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