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Ladyboy Water Volleyball Charity, Areca Lodge Pattaya – 1st November 2014
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Areca Lodge, Soi Diana, Pattaya

Saturday 1st November 2014 1.00pm to 11pm

Announcing the LBWVB – 2014 Event to help you with any Vacation Planning.

A week of terrific parties, in all the bars, with Miss Tiffany International Queen on 7th November.

A unique day out that provides an opportunity for us to support and contribute to the community we admire.

This year there will be 8 teams – 10 teams was considered but time, and scheduling, made it impossible.
The 8 teams/colours (colours may change) are:

1.BabyBoom – (White) Soi Bukhouw Pattaya – Runners Up 2012
2.Check In Bar – Bangkok
3.Kings Bar – Soi 8 Pattaya
4.LaBamba – Soi 13/1 Pattaya
5.Sensations – Action St Pattaya – Winners 2013
6.Stringfellows – Soi 13/1 Pattaya
7.Temptations/Cockatoo – Bangkok
8.TJs Music Bar – Soi 18 Naklua – Runnners Up 2013

C&D from Phuket will not be making an appearance this year due to travel costs and impact on business.

Even though Jim’s team will not be playing he has pledged his onging support from the SkyLab. Terrific help.

Big thanks to Jim for all his support in 2102/2013 – not least supporting the volley ball net all day in 2012!

Jim also nominated a local Charity, in Phuket, to whom he also presented the cheque for 250,000 Baht

Sponsor a Bar – 4,000 Baht (120USD/88Euro/72GBP) – complimentary non-transferable, ticket to the event if attending.
Proposed to have some limited ‘reserved seating’ in the evening so Sponsors may sit with, or adjacent, to their team. TBA.
Donate – Either donate money or a suitable item for the Auction/Raffle
Ticket – 1,500 Baht (45USD/33Euro/27GBP) – Day to remember with 60+ LadyBoys attending in a carnival atmosphere.
Includes Volley Ball plus the Gala/Buffet, Prize giving, Charity presentations, Auction/Raffle

100% of All Sponsorships and Donations go to Charity.

Ticket sales, with the Auction/Raffle, covers all costs and contributes to the final total.
April – Posters on display and Tickets on sale in the bars.
April – Another new item to help the bars collect Sposnorships – visit the bars to see.
April – Pay for Sponsorship or Donation via the bar – they will give you a receipt.
June – The bars will also be selling a stylish ‘collectable’ limited edition item

Direct Contact details:
Email –
PayPal – – Please use ‘Family & Friends’ payment. Nominate a Bar.
Website (90,000 visits in 1 year) –
Tel/SMS 66 (0) 929 95 6532
PM ‘Rossco’

Please help build on the extraordinary success of 2012 and 2013.
Both years have been “sold out” well before the actual day. Only 200 Tickets available.

Bars visited some of the Charities, who have benefited where they saw, first hand, the results of our contribution.

More visits are planned so BMs can see what they have achieved.
February 23rd. Handover of 250 Water4Life filters in a remote village in Chantaburi – only accessible by boat.

2013 was a huge breakthrough thanks to your support.
We achieved an amazing 1 Million Baht which made a fantastic statement with worldwide media coverage.

Can we do it again? With your help it is possible.
We can, and do, make a difference to the Charities, the supporting bars and their staff.

In 2013 we had our first Corporate sponsor. This year we will try to increase these bountiful types of contribution.
Please advise if you know of a company, and their contact details, who would be a possible Corp Sponsor.

Monthly Progress updates on Forums and, hopefully, the bars will update with photos of teams and Training days.

The Event Day Program. This year there will be a souvenir program for attendees
Participating bars will be hosting parties during the week prior so check Bar threads
13.00 – Team Photos/Press and Media
13.30 – Matches start with all teams playing all the other teams within their group. 2 groups.
16.30 – Final between winners of 2 groups
17.00 – Time to change for the evening
19.00 – Gala/Dinner – meet the teams
20.30 – Presentations to teams
21.00 – Presentations to Charities
21.30 – Auction/Raflle
23.00 – Visit the Winners Bar or any of your favourite other local bars

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