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Thai Garden Resort cooks “green” food
07th November 2018 Posted by Vadim Thaivisa No comments
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The Thai Garden Resort located on the North Pattaya Road continues to improve their efforts to look for a more sustainable environment by cooking on Bio Gas without electricity.

Already awarded with the Travelife Gold Award for their contributions towards the environment and a cleaner world, the hotel took their efforts to a new level and recently installed a Byogas box in the kitchens to cook the food for their daily buffets.

Manufactured by German engineering and assembled by MYBIOENERGY in Thailand, the Bio Gas box is filled on a daily basis with food and garden waste.

The waste would normally be collected by the garbage collector and dumped in the nature. But now it is being used and recycled to produce suitable gas for cooking purposes.

With the use of natural bacteria’s the waste is fermented in the tank into clean biogas which is perfectly suitable for cooking purposes.

The Bio Box system is designed to produce up to 1000 liters of clean biogas per day. The produced gas quality consists of 65% CH4 and 35% CO2.

After the biogas making process has taken place, the ByoBox System produces up to 40 liters of excellent liquid fertilizer per day.

The fertilizer is used for the hotel’s gardens and thus the ByoBox System serves an additional purpose.

The ByoBox is a very safe system, which includes an overpressure valve, activated carbon filter for reducing H2S load, hydraulic mixing system, fiberglass digester tank, PVC gas storage and a feeding system

Rene Pisters the General Manager of the Thai Garden Resort is the driving force behind this project.

Apart from the Green Leaf Award, the TUI Umwelt Champion Award and the most prestigious Travelife Gold Award he continues to look for affordable ways to contribute towards a sustainable environment.

It is important that we look in the future and that everybody does his duties to look after our environment and even the smallest efforts will contribute towards a cleaner world.


Delivering the BYOGAS installation at the Thai Garden Resort is Mr. Rudi Paflitschek the Managing Director of MYBYOENERGY with Khun Teerachon the Chief Engineer of the hotel and Rene Pisters, the General Manager of the Thai Garden Resort

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