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Loy Krathong - November (Annual Celebration)

See how Pattaya celebrates Loy Krathong

Beautiful Inspire video feature on what is one of the most beautiful events in Thailand.

Where to celebrate in Pattaya?

Although most hotels and other such business can cater for this celebration, most people can be found on either Pattaya or Jomtien beach locations, while those living in East Pattaya go to Lake Maprachan.

What is Loy Krathong?

Loi Krathong takes place on the evening of the full moon of the 12th month in the traditional Thai lunar calendar. In the western calendar this usually falls in November.

Loi means ‘to float’, while krathong refers to a usually lotus-shaped container which floats on the water. Krathong has no other meaning in Thai besides these decorative floats, so Loi Krathong is very hard to translate, requiring a word describing what a Krathong looks like such as Floating Crown, Floating Boat, Floating Decoration. The traditional krathong are made of the layers of the trunk of a banana tree or a spider lily plant. Modern krathongs are more often made of bread or styrofoam. A bread krathong will disintegrate after a few days and can be eaten by fish. Banana stalk krathong are also biodegradable, but styrofoam krathongs are sometimes banned, as they pollute the rivers and may take years to decompose. A krathong is decorated with elaborately-folded banana leaves, incense sticks, and a candle.

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