Inspire Pattaya
Thai “Lunch Buffet” at Big Fish restaurant, Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

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What Thai Ladies Really Think: Part Two

What Thai Girls Really Think…

Midweek rant: Thai news – all we get is tumbleweed.

Following the Thai news is like going to the movies and suffering a power cut before the final scene. So often we are left in the dark. With no idea how it ended. Time and time again we follow the news faithfully only to be left high and dry at the crucial moment. The Thai news media fall over themselves in the early stage of an investigation. And the police come up with all sorts of theories as an arrest is imminent and the case is all but solved. Later today, Friday at the latest, Tuesday for sure… Then days become weeks and weeks become months before a year has

Thai and British rhetoric – same-same but different.

    We are all painfully aware of the rhetoric of politicians and “the authorities” in the west following bombing outrages. And the reaction to what happened in Manchester this week was no different. The public are exhorted to “never let them win”. The perpetrators are “cowards”. Everything will be done to find those responsible who always seem to have been known to the security services beforehand but somehow slipped through the tight net. Why do I get this feeling that they ARE winning and that the rhetoric is just a smokescreen for the authorities’ ineffectual security measures? And why do I feel that blowing yourself up is not really

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