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Thailand’s most reputable American Chiropractor Dr Chase at “The Natural Healing center”. Here to fix all your aches and pains.
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Dr Chase is an American Chiropractor. His father was a Chiropractor as well. He received his BS, Cum Laude, from Pennsylvania University, then went on to earn his DC degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa. Dr. Chase practiced in the U.S. for over 21 years, (where he was licensed in California, Florida, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania), then moved on to new professional challenges in Thailand where he also became licensed (I of only 28 who passed the exam). He has been in active practice here for over 11 years. He also teaches Alternative Health Care courses at Thammasat University at Rangsit. Dr. Chase owns 2 Natural Healing Center

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Midweek Rant: Tax hikes on booze and fags – the mother of all cock-ups makes Thailand a laughing stock.
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The raising of the tax rates on cigarettes and alcohol was the mother of all cock-ups from start to finish. Since the first story broke months ago that the rates were to rise confusion has reigned. How on earth could the public be expected to know what was going to happen if the news media had no idea what it all meant? And how was the news media supposed to know when the very people who were issuing the edicts didn’t seem to have a clue either. Right up until the end the government spokesman was remaining tight lipped. Not because of some protocol – because he had no idea

Something smells fishy in Siam!

No one in their right mind would take Thailand at face value. The Thais certainly don’t. Anyone who believes the “mai pen rai”, grengjai , lovey-dovey land of smiles” rhetoric need only be in the kingdom a few days to realize that rose tinted specs require rebar reinforcement in Rattanakosin. Thais, in my experience, are almost honor bound to expound the virtues of their race and culture especially to outsiders. They don’t really believe this unless they are simple – and I have never thought the people in Thailand are simple. Many thousands of defeats to Thais at English language Scrabble have seen to that. Many foreigners haven’t grasped that the Thais are constantly analyzing themselves. And plenty

Midweek rant: Thailand – what is there to rant about?

    I had just got back from my summer holiday in the UK. Mindful that I hadn’t ranted about anything in Thailand for a couple of weeks and feeling, albeit at a distance, that my news editor was breathing down my neck for a story moaning about something in Thailand…….I wondered what to do. Lacking inspiration at my keyboard, I decided to go out for a walk with my one year old daughter. It was hot and I was in a bit of a gruff mood. Surely it would be easy to find something to rant about on the way. I’d probably have a dozen things to get off

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Together for Thailand Charity Event to TAK Poor Children at Pattaya Animal Hospital – 24 November 2017

Let us help the poor people in TAK north Thailand. Let us bring them clean water, fresh bathrooms, proper teacher houses for a better eduction. No teacher in Thailand should live like this help us build them propper houses. Please donate construction materials, school material and money and anything else on the list below. Last time we gave them a big truck this time we want to bring three trucks full with supplies and construction material. Please check out our album from last time. Please help us support the very impoverished people living in TAK province near the Burmese Refugee camp. Our base will be at Tha Song Yang,

Thailand – nice to see you, to see you nice.

While Yingluck was, perhaps regretfully, going one way, Rooster was thankfully going the other. Since as long as I can remember it is always with a sense of relief that I return to Thailand after visiting the land of my birth for my annual summer sojourn. Ms Shinawatra, it appears, is set to seek asylum in the United Kingdom. I have always loved that term – for while the land where the old queen still rules could hardly be free of the term “nut-house”, there are certainly times when one’s sanity in living permanently in the East is tested to the limit. Just that for me there has never been

Rotax Max Challenge Thailand Final Round at Bira Circuit Pattaya – 15-17 September 2017

Final Round, Rotax Max Challenge Thailand Round 5 Will decide who will be the Champion for 2017 สนามสุดท้าย 2017 จะตัดสินว่าใครจะเป็นแชมป์ประจำปี

What Thai Girls Really Think…

Dream Hotel Group Signs Third Location in Thailand
Contract signing ceremony 01

Dream Hotel Group today announced its third location in Thailand with the ceremonial signing of Dream Resort and Spa Na Jomtien Pattaya in partnership with Wise Power Land Co. Ltd. The 200-key resort hotel is located on the stunning white, sandy beaches of the Gulf of Thailand, just a 90-minute drive from Bangkok and Suvarnabhumi Airport, 15 minutes from the Utapao International Airport and home to a thriving resort community with more than 9 million visitors every year, including local holiday makers and international travelers from Russia, China and Europe. Slated to open in August 2018, Dream Resort and Spa Na Jomtien Pattaya features 200 ocean view villas, rooms and suites and

Surrounded by Superstition in Thailand – but who from Thais, Chinese and Russians are the most?

    I have lived in Thailand for over 10 years now, have a Russian wife and have watched the Chinese arrive in huge numbers – and it dawned on me the parallels between the 3 nationalities for being crazy superstitious, from coin throwing into the Pattaya sea to not buying property due to the house number being unlucky…Todays vlog lists many other beliefs and asks who is the most superstitious between the Thais, Russians and Chinese.? Brought to you in association with Alan Bolton Property Services, servicing Pattaya since 1987.   I thought us Brits were a little superstitious when we’d not walk under a ladder, but we are

Hey “Miss” – do us all a favor and resign now.

I have a few words of advice for the so called teacher who put shoes on a student’s head and made him kowtow on the ground and crawl because he wore his own shoes into class against school rules. First of all let me make it clear. You are not a teacher and you are utterly repulsive. Furthermore you are a disgrace to the profession you claim to represent and you should pack your bags immediately. Just leave the kids alone – and go and be a brick in a wall somewhere. Maybe you are surprised to hear this from someone who is not Thai. Yes we are all shocked

Midweek rant: Death penalty Thailand – make your bloody mind up

    It is a given that the criminal justice system is in a mess in Thailand. The most absurd irregularities in sentencing make that case plain and simple. Five years potentially for vaping yet suspended sentences for assault. Jail time for defaming the guilty but get off Scot free for ripping off the poor. Run into and kill innocent people and just do a few weeks pretending to be a monk. Drag a cop along the road and give a garland and a wai and hope all will be forgiven. Or even kill an officer and just gallivant around the world waiting for the statute of limitations to run

Can Thailand cope with 50% more tourists by 2030?

It was recently stated that Thailand hopes to attract 50 million tourists a year by 2030. With recent figures coming out of the kingdom that there are currently just shy of 35 million visitors per annum that would represent an increase of almost half over the next dozen years or so. Indeed there would almost be as many visitors to Thailand as there are Thai people! The question is whether the infrastructure of the country can cope and what needs to be done so that visitors are not just treated as cash cows to be herded around in sub-standard transport to non-existent or poor quality accommodation. The country needs to

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