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Do Expats of Thailand get an undeserved stigma?

The week that was in Thailand news: Doing your bit for Thailand

Wherever expatriates live in Thailand they are likely to promote that part of the country as the best place to be. It is the nature of the beast…   Rooster makes no secret of the fact that he has spent most of his adult life in Krung Thep and couldn’t possibly imagine living anywhere else. But I took umbrage when accused last week of being a north/south snob who never reports anything about Chiang Mai.   That is nonsense – I once caught a very bad cold there and I was even crowned Chiang Mai Scrabble champion once….beat that!   Seriously, Rooster has occasionally been known to get out of

The week that was in Thailand news: Amazing Thailand still living up to its name!

Perusing the pages of Thaivisa this week, was, as ever, a pleasure somewhat akin to propping oneself on an outside bar stool in the early evening at some Thai red light district and watching the passing parade arrive for work.   Vaguely voyeuristic but with a hint of Eastern promise it all being quite harmless – just so long as you don’t take it too seriously.   Seriously in the bar areas might be staying for one too many drinks and being persuaded inside one of the dens of iniquity that one is handsome contrary to prevailing evidence. While seriously on Thaivisa might be to take the pronouncements of officialdom

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The week that was in Thailand news: A sense of foreboding – a personal reflection on a momentous week.

Great and ceremonial occasions of state are often times that inspire personal reflection.   With my young family away during the school holidays I was left to my own devices, to view the culmination of a year of mourning as the extraordinary spectacle of the Royal Funeral unfolded on television.   For me, personally, the sense of sadness had subsided during the last 12 months and was now replaced with one of tangible foreboding of what may lie ahead for the country that has shaped my life and given me so much.   This Thursday’s elaborate ceremonies, rituals and sense of occasion had me casting my thoughts back twenty years

The week that was in Thailand news: The power of the wai – if only you could bottle it!

As head of Thai Studies one question I was always asked by new teachers arriving from the West to my international school was how to wai. They anticipated that while it may not be something they would do every day it nevertheless might prove useful in their work and daily lives. I agreed wholeheartedly and gave impromptu demonstrations in corridors and lunch queues of how to perform the common Thai gesture in four basic situations of greeting and respect – to monks, elders, people of the same age and in reply to children who would wai them first. Unless I was pressed, I would not at this early stage tell them about the use of the wai in apologizing. Frankly, I hoped

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25 year old female expat view on men

Thai culture is one thing – politeness quite another.

If I walked up to one of those dolly bird university girls in the street and snapped her picture or started making a video there would be trouble. I wouldn’t doubt for one minute that my own image and name would be plastered over social media and the police would probably get involved. I’d be Thai public enemy number one – another foreign pest to complain about. I don’t of course – I don’t even ogle…well not much. I’ll keep my eyes and my thoughts to myself. Let’s face it anyone doing so would be harassing others – it seems obvious. So why do people thing they have the god

“Thailand, Thailand – Believe it or Not!”

For most of my working life in Thailand I had a very unusual job – one that might have figured on those lists of forbidden employment for foreigners. I taught Thai. I had started in my early days in Bangkok as a door-to-door teacher of English in the Japanese community of Sukhumvit Road.  This earned my girlfriends’ daily crusts. In my free time I spent every available hour learning to speak, read and write Thai to a good level. Later when the altogether greater needs of a wife and child came along I decided to adapt my career path getting a job teaching Thai language and culture at a British

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Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 10.40.52

Dr Chase is an American Chiropractor. His father was a Chiropractor as well. He received his BS, Cum Laude, from Pennsylvania University, then went on to earn his DC degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa. Dr. Chase practiced in the U.S. for over 21 years, (where he was licensed in California, Florida, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania), then moved on to new professional challenges in Thailand where he also became licensed (I of only 28 who passed the exam). He has been in active practice here for over 11 years. He also teaches Alternative Health Care courses at Thammasat University at Rangsit. Dr. Chase owns 2 Natural Healing Center

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Midweek Rant: Tax hikes on booze and fags – the mother of all cock-ups makes Thailand a laughing stock.
2017-09-19 08.33.08

The raising of the tax rates on cigarettes and alcohol was the mother of all cock-ups from start to finish. Since the first story broke months ago that the rates were to rise confusion has reigned. How on earth could the public be expected to know what was going to happen if the news media had no idea what it all meant? And how was the news media supposed to know when the very people who were issuing the edicts didn’t seem to have a clue either. Right up until the end the government spokesman was remaining tight lipped. Not because of some protocol – because he had no idea

Something smells fishy in Siam!

No one in their right mind would take Thailand at face value. The Thais certainly don’t. Anyone who believes the “mai pen rai”, grengjai , lovey-dovey land of smiles” rhetoric need only be in the kingdom a few days to realize that rose tinted specs require rebar reinforcement in Rattanakosin. Thais, in my experience, are almost honor bound to expound the virtues of their race and culture especially to outsiders. They don’t really believe this unless they are simple – and I have never thought the people in Thailand are simple. Many thousands of defeats to Thais at English language Scrabble have seen to that. Many foreigners haven’t grasped that the Thais are constantly analyzing themselves. And plenty

Midweek rant: Thailand – what is there to rant about?

    I had just got back from my summer holiday in the UK. Mindful that I hadn’t ranted about anything in Thailand for a couple of weeks and feeling, albeit at a distance, that my news editor was breathing down my neck for a story moaning about something in Thailand…….I wondered what to do. Lacking inspiration at my keyboard, I decided to go out for a walk with my one year old daughter. It was hot and I was in a bit of a gruff mood. Surely it would be easy to find something to rant about on the way. I’d probably have a dozen things to get off

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